Monday, November 15, 2010

Having Problems With Your Makeup ?? It could be your BRUSH !

Did your favorite foundation all of a sudden start streaking or caking ? Did you just get that expensive Nars blush that everyone is talking about only to find out it's a DUD ? Did you finally give into trying mineral makeup and it made you look a powdery mess??

Well gals.. I am here to tell you that it might not be the makeup your are using.. IT MIGHT BE YOUR BRUSH ( insert dramatic soap opera music right now!! )

Yes Girls ! I am talking about that stick with the soft hair sticking out of it ( if it's not soft then that's a whole other post ) That makeup brush can be the reason behind some of the best and worst makeup looks out there today.

Now I am going to assume all of you already have a good set of makeup brushes. If you don't I will be making a post talking about the importance of it as well as tips on what brushes you should have etc.

This is what happened to me this week:

I have been using Bare Minerals for the past 10 years . I have always been happy and never had a problem. A few days ago I went about putting my makeup as I always do and I noticed something was wrong.. it was cakey. This has never happened to me so I had to get to the bottom of it. I had not changed anything in my makeup regime so it had to be something that I was using already. I depot my makeup into smaller container I can take to work so I transfered all of them to new container thinking that might be the problem and I did not use my primer ( my primer dupe Aveeno Baby Lotion.. you can read more about that here )So next day I was eager to put on my makeup and the same.. nothing changed. Now I was desperate ! I tried a new cleanser and new primer the following day... Still the same ( WHAT !! ) Then as I was about to chuck my BE into the trash can.. there it was looking right at me, my brush .. dull, heavy and all kinds of DIRTY !

Yes I am ashamed !! I should know better than to go 2 weeks without washing my foundation brush .. But you see I just got married and the traveling blah blah blah ( can you hear the violins playing ).. NO EXCUSE !! I was my fault.
So I went home washed my brush and after apologizing to my poor BE foundation ( who had been cursed up and down from here to California) I put it on and was happy to see my "flawless" airbrushed look come back upon me.

Moral of this story.. WASH YOUR BRUSHES !! If all of a sudden you are having to use more blush or your makeup just isn't right.. Look at your brushes first before swearing off makeup forever ;P

This is the same for when you get new makeup that looks pigment on everyone and their grandmothers but on you it's too light.. IT COULD BE YOUR BRUSH ! It could be a low quality brush that isn't picking up product as it should.

I was going to do a post about cleaning your brushes but there are so many great ones already I am going to share with you one I like:

Now there could be a million reasons why good makeup application goes bad.. but if you have eliminated the obvious ( new makeup, new lotion, bad reaction etc etc etc ) then it could be something simple like this.

Hope this helps you all !!

Until next time - K

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