Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Wen Challenge - Final Review

Hello Everyone

So I am back to give you my final review and my thoughts about the WEN haircare system.

I have been using WEN exclusively for almost 3 months so I feel that I have used the product long enough to have a good opinion so here it is ..


Now I will say that WEN is not the perfect product. I personally found that is does build up on your scalp so every two weeks I do an apple cider vinegar rinse to eliminate build up. So far that has done the trick.
Another thing I noticed is that I am still shedding alot of hair, the amount did not reduce any like I hoped it would. Although I did notice that I don't have as much breakage, I even have new growth around my hairline where I had lots of breakage. ( my hair is still thin though but then again it never claimed to help with that problem )

The best part of using WEN for me is how it has helped me retain my color. It's amazing ! My hair color is almost the exact same shade as when I first colored it. Actually it might even look better. This is huge ! That means I don't hair to color my hair as often hence not damaging more than necessary.

Here are some pics for you. This time I did use flat iron so my hair may look longer but you can still see my hair does not look broken or lifeless.

I am a WEN believer and I still stand behind the fact that the SIX THIRTEEN cleansing cream was really the game changer. This added the moisture and the umphh the regular cleanser lacks.

My bottom line suggestion is: TRY IT
Buy it from a place like QVC where there is a 30 day guarantee and they have good deals.

So the WEN challenge is done and
Just started another challenge with a product called Nerium AD. More on that soon !

Until next time, Karen