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Are You A Beauty Addict ??

I was online this morning found this great blog from Fantastic Site !! Check them out !

16 Signs That You’re a Beauty Addict
By Cailin on January 6, 2009

Think you’re addicted to beauty? Read the list below and find out. I sure am, since most of the items here come from personal experience. Here’s sixteen warning signs that indicate you’re headed for beauty product addiction:

1. You've used your flat iron at work. I once saw a girl in my high school do this with a crimping iron (eww) – she just plugged it into the wall socket right in the middle of my teacher’s lecture!
2. Your favorite artist is Kevyn Aucoin. Renoir can be a little heavy-handed with blush.
3. When trying to describe a particular color, you start naming off MAC shades. Bonus points if naming them makes you mad that they’re discontinued.
4. You’ve gotten extremely creative when trying to extract the last drop of a beloved product from its container. I laughed out loud when I read Blogdorf Goodman’s rave about Chanel Glossimer:
“I wish I had stockpiled this gloss. I literally emptied the tube clean. I contemplated sawing the rest of the tube open to get the remaining gloss. You know a gloss is great when you are thinking of trying to operate a power tool.”
5. Nearly all of your Christmas presents were Sephora gift cards. And you were ecstatic.
6. Your friends and family won’t buy a beauty product without consulting you first. My mother learned this one the hard way: every time saw her with a new beauty product, I’d verbally grade it and then scold her about not buying this other product that’s so much better because it blah blah blah…
7. The ladies at the MAC counter know you by name. Bonus points if you know all their names too.
8. Forget LOL – your favorite acronym is GWP. If you don’t get it, you probably don’t give enough money to Estee Lauder companies.
9. When someone you know has a pimple-related emergency, you’re the first person they turn to. I have the misfortune of holding this title in my social circles. Greeeaaat.
10. You can name at least three products that have received the Allure Best of Beauty award. Bonus points if you’ve ever ripped out the mag’s pages of winners and brought them with you to Sephora like a grocery list.
11. You’re really kind of sick of explaining the hair color level system. Let’s review: Level 10=light blonde. Level 1=black. If you can’t figure it out from there, I can’t help you.
12. The bar inside of your shower actually broke under the weight of all your products. I’m not kidding, this really happened to me.
13. When wall sockets are scarce, you’ve been known to forgo charging a dying cellphone to power your CHI. Bonus points if your cell actually ended up dying. More bonus points if you didn’t care because your hair looked FABulous.
14. You’d be embarrassed to admit the number of lip glosses in your purse right now. Go ahead, count. Don’t forget balms!
15. You annoy hairstylists by recommending products for them to use on your hair. I’ve turned off many stylists this way, although there’s the occasional true beauty addict who’s just happy to meet another junkie. I actually begged a makeup artist to use YSL Touche Eclat on me instead of the concealer she’d selected because I saw it on her counter and had been lusting after it forever, but hadn’t bought it yet. (FYI, she did and I looked amazing.)
16. You've devoted an entire website and a massive amount of your time to writing about beauty. Guilty.


So are you a beauty addict ???

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