Monday, November 15, 2010

Bringing Back Old Favorites Series : MAC Cream Color Base Fawnstatic

I made a new years resolution for 2010 and that was to go into my make-up stash and start using my old favorites. So with this series I am going to talk about some of my "re-discovered" makeup and how I am using them.

** For the record my makeup is maintained and properly stored.
as to avoid any bacteria or rancid problems ( with the exception of mascara which I do not store )

Today's product is : MAC Cream Color Base in Fawnstatic

I have had this product for YEARS ( I am almost ashamed to tell you how many ) !! I originally purchased this to use as an base back in the days before " UDPP or eye primer " was a household word. I was thrilled at the concept and took it home along with a few others. This CCB unfortunately did not get as much use and was tucked away waiting patiently for it's day to shine..

Fast forward 8-10 years - I need products that will fit into my busy lifestyle. Multi-use products that are easy to carry and are easy to apply are a big hit with me now.
So while going through my stash I found Fawnstatic. It's a lovely light taupe with a slight shimmer ( not glitter just a nice shimmer) that is a perfect shade to wear during the day alone and will easily transition into night with the help of a darker color or 2.

I have read that gals out there has used this as contour and highlighter . I personally have not tried it but if ever I get caught without either product it's nice to know I have an option.

For work I like to keep my makeup simple; foundation, bronzer, blush, Fawnstatic and mascara ( maybe some eyeliner and a crease color if I am in the mood ). That's it.
I personally do not have any creasing with this product and that could be because I do not have oily skin/lids. If you do don't be afraid of this product, just use some primer and you are set !

Another great thing about Fawnstatic is that when paired with a darker shade ( think cork, wedge, coquette) or even a fun eyeliner ( green, teal, blue ) it can take you right into happy hour with minimal effort !

MAC does still carry this oldie but goodie. If you are looking for a versatile product that will work with all skin tones.. give this a try !

Until next time ...

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