Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Wen Challenge Day 34

Hello Everyone

I am back to do an update. I have been waiting for an update because in the last few weeks I cut my hair and colored it, I wanted to make sure I was done with everything before posting again.

So far I am still very impressed and happy with the results of WEN. I cut my hair about 2 weeks ago and noticed how much less breakage I actually had and not to mention minimal split ends.* Note: I don't use heat on my hair everyday so contributes also to less breakage and preventing split ends. When I use heat I always make sure I use a heat protector.

Last week I colored my hair, not because my color was so bad but mostly because I had been spending time at the beach and I noticed my hair was becoming dull. I use a permanent color from Wella and also a clear gloss on top. Wen is suppose to help color last longer so now that my hair is freshly done we will see. I will admit that in the time I was using WEN before I colored my hair, my previous color did not further fade.

Here are so pictures for you. One is a close up of my hair right after I cut it but before it was colored. The other was taken today , 1 week after color. Again I styled my hair with my CONAIR Infiniti Spin Brush for about 5-10 minutes total on slightly damp hair. Also my heat protector of the moment is the TRESEMME Heat Tamer.

Taken After Cut before Color 2 week s ago

Taken Today 34 days into using WEN
One thing I still have not seen is a reduction of hair shedding. Now that my hair is darker I can see it even more. The amount is not alarming but enough for me to notice. I will keep my eye on this moving forward to see if it improves. 

I will be back in a few week to update on my color and how I am still doing with the product.

If anyone is using WEN, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time


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