Friday, December 3, 2010

How to help you skin beat the winter blues...

Hello There !! I love winter ! I love getting getting all bundled up with my favorite scarf and enjoy the smell of the crisp night air. What I don't love is this itchy dry skin !! So here are some of my favorite items to keep my skin from suffering from winter blues...

Hands and Body - Eucerin Moisturizing Cream and Lotion

This cream is an oldie but goodie. What I love about this cream is that is does a great job in not only moisturizing but also protect it against the elements. This non-irritating , fragrance free cream and lotions are clinically proven to be effective on extra dry and sensitive skin. For those whose skin is not as dry as the sahara, check out their Intensive Repair Lotion which is great for all over the body.

Face - Olay regenerist micro sculpting night cream
Dear Olay, Thank you for finally putting out something that is worth spending money on !
This night time cream is an Allure Magazine Readers Choice award winning cream. Its super hydrating and packed with amino acids to help the with the regeneration of our skin.
Added bonus ** If you are a Costco shopper you can find a 2 pack for under $ 50.00. Check it out !

and lots but not least.. LIPS- Korres Lip Butters
Now I am about to talk some craziness.. I am about to tell you to go RUN to your nearest Sephora and pay $ 1o.00 for this gold in a jar. YES I said pay 10 bucks for a lip balm ! You must be thinking.. " that's it.. she lost her mind" Well I might have.. or I might have just found the most amazing lip product of all time !! ( I say the second option sounds best ) . Korres lip butters are 100 % natural lip smoothing goodness. This stuff is so hydrating, so absolutely smoothing that you will throw away that Carmex and never look back. This stuff is so great that me and my husband fight for it ( at $ 10.00 bucks a jar you know I am territorial with mine ) A great and added bonus is that they come in 7 amazing shades ranging from a beautiful wild rose to clear. These can be paired up with you favorite lipstick or worn alone. Ohhh and the smell ... THE SMELL !! AMAZING !! My favorite is Jasmine ( Sheer Neutral Pink ) with it's cotton candy like scent.. really it's worth every dime. Check it out here at Sephora or

Well that's it for now.. What are your favorite winter time beauty products ? Leave a comment below !

Until Next Time- K

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